Greatest Oxygenation With Homeopathy


Two-time Nobel Prize-winner, physician Otto Warburg, shocked the world when he revealed that the majority illnesses are brought on by inadequate ranges of oxygen within the physique.

In accordance with the “Father of Pathology” Dr. Rudolf Virchow, germs, micro organism, viruses and pathogens don’t trigger illness, however reasonably search for environments the place they will thrive greatest – oxygen disadvantaged our bodies. Neither do toxins or stress trigger illness, they solely create the situation within the physique (oxygen deficiency) that in flip causes illness.

The first bodily reason behind illness is linked in a method or one other to oxygen deficiency. Supplying the physique with ample ranges of oxygen, the physique’s most important factor, it’s the key to stopping and curing illnesses.

The issue is that the majority people usually are not in a position to get correct quantities of oxygen of their cells and tissues. Most individuals are shallow breathers, particularly those that reside a sedentary life or those that are chronically harassed. There’s additionally loads of proof that our air incorporates much less oxygen as we speak, particularly in densely populated metropolitan areas.

The advantages of oxygenation are quite a few from rejuvenation and elevated vitality ranges to any main persistent illness together with most cancers. In a current experiment, oxygen has been injected instantly into warts, tumors, cysts, moles, and so forth. whether or not malignant or benign, and is reported to trigger them to dissolve in a matter of days.

Oxygen eliminates toxins by remodeling them in water and carbon dioxide through a course of known as oxidation. In an oxygen wealthy atmosphere, micro organism, viruses, and fungal infections merely don’t survive. Furthermore, excessive ranges of oxygen set off the our bodies personal therapeutic capabilities, and from right here plenty of well being advantages.

The large query with oxygen remedy is the modality. How do you improve oxygen supply to the cells? The traditional method you’ll find out there may be to pump/drive extra oxygen into the physique. This jogs my memory of these sufferers who lack calcium. The answer is similar, take extra calcium, ignoring the truth that the primary drawback is the imbalance of the calcium metabolism. The physique doesn’t take up the calcium effectively and this mechanism needs to be introduced again to steadiness.

Pumping extra oxygen into the physique is one step, however an important one is the way you ship the oxygen to the cells. And that is the place homeopathic oxygenation comes into play. It takes the entire strategy of oxygenation to a different degree, the cell degree. The brand new homeopathic remedy can enormously enhance:

1. oxygen switch between the blood’s purple cells and the physique cells

2. improves the complete circulatory system to raised carry oxygen and vitamins to the cells

three. respiratory turns into absolutely and unrestricted

These three actions collectively maximize the oxygen consumption and switch to the cell degree. Irrespective of in case you keep indoor, go exterior, do jogging or play, your degree of cells oxygenation will enhance anyway. It’s the most effective type of oxygen remedy. Strive it as soon as, for under two weeks, and you’ll perceive and really feel the massive spectrum of advantages that this new homeopathic oxygenation remedy brings to your well being and vitality.

Supply by Virgil Paun


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